Best Experience in Almaty

Personal Shopping Experience At Esentai Mall

Dress up time! What to know more about Kazakhstan designers or how to mix your outfit with heritage products? Our stylist does personalize a selection of outfits in the Personal Shopping Service room to your preferences.

Beautiful ready to wear clothes and accessories are set aside for your visit. Simply, no stress. According to your desire, our stylist will shops with you from boutiques to the boutiques and recommend exclusive, stylish, cohesive looks for what will be the best shopping trip you've ever had. Also, we outfit free delivered directly to your room in the hotel. Besides all of this, you can feel the difference in Almaty prices compared with the prices of Beijing and Dubai. Also, you can get more benefits with the tax-free pilot project that will be fulfilled by the personal manager for you as a shopping service

Duration: 2 hours

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Almaty: Soviet Hollywood

Lights ! Camera ! Action !

Film studio «KAZAKHFILM» produces almost all the Kazakh motion pictures, television series and video products. Must witness the history of filmmaking in Kazakhstan. How evacuated intelligentsia to Almaty has influenced the future of today’s leading film platform of Kazakhstan. Currently, young Kazakh directors are winning prizes at major international film festivals 

For the past 10 years over 200 films were shown at more than 220 festivals in 60 countries of the world.

Duration: 3 hours

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Discovering Charyn Canyon Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon outside of Almaty? You won't believe your eyes! Charyn Canyon is Kazakhstan's supreme rift. After crossing the endless, wide-open plains outside of Almaty, the Canyon comes as a surprise. Seemingly out of nowhere, the landscape gets a third dimension. Don't believe it looks like Grand Canyon? Check the majestic views of the landscape!

Duration: 4 hours

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Gastronomic Experience

Kazakhs have been distinguished by traditional hospitality, which was formed many centuries ago. The most delicious meal in every family is kept for guests from ancient times. An unexpected guest is named "kudaiy konak," which means "a guest sent by God." Guests were welcomed by a sumptuous "dastarkhan" (table setting) with "baursak" (puffy fried bread), sweets and "beshbarmak" (the national meal of boiled horse meat with pastry noodles and potatoes) and other traditional dishes we will taste at the Sydyk restaurant. Diversity of Kazakh national cuisine reflects the essence of the nation, its history, culture and traditions. Get ready for the gourmet experience! After that, you will visit Wine Boutique where presents the wines of the Kazakh brand Arba Wine. The brand's vineyards are located at the foot of Zailiysky Alatau. A feature of wines is the rich taste, colour and aroma. At the end of the tour, you will visit the oldest market in Almaty, the Green Bazaar. In the past, it was the traditional place to buy and sell local produce like vegetables so that this place called "Green Bazar."

Duration: 4 hours

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